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The care of tomorrow

Tomorrow's care requires change starting now. With our service design approach, we create valuable solutions for patients, care professionals and healthcare organisations.

Tomorrow's care is appropriate care created with and around the patient, making your healthcare organisation's ambition concrete. With our service design approach, we help healthcare organisations in the innovation process by gathering insights, vision and solutions. We do this in co-creation with patients, care providers and care management.

New and improved care paths

How can you better help patients in increasingly complex care? We do this by visualising care paths with care teams and patients. This creates an overview of the existing care process and insights into opportunities for improvement. We use our knowledge, experience and tools to (re)design care paths that are of value and provide overview for patients and care providers.

We developed an approach to map and improve care pathways. Read more about Metro Mapping

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For UZ Gent, we mapped the care pathway for patients with chronic intestinal diseases to improve multidisciplinary collaboration and patient communication.

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Future-proof care environments

Healthcare is in a state of constant evolution. This affects how you organise and deliver care. How do you respond to this with new construction plans? With our service design approach, we help make the vision of providing the best care concrete. We design spatial solutions that optimally support healthcare providers and patients. We work in co-creation on meaningful and workable solutions creating positive energy within the organisation.

We developed blueprints for homes at Lunet Zorg's residential parks where residents can live more comfortably and care providers can work together in a better way.

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The transition to digital care

The rise of digital possibilities in healthcare is changing the way care can be delivered. It offers added value for patients and for healthcare staff. With our service design and UX design approach, we help your healthcare organisation make the most of the opportunities of digital healthcare.

With the Woman & Child department at Antonius, we developed, among other things, the care path for women with pregnancy hypertension. They can now measure their blood pressure at home themselves. The Antonius supervises and monitors remotely. 

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network care

Increasingly, care is being concentrated. More disciplines are also involved to provide appropriate care. This means that healthcare organisations need to work together more often. Using our service design method, we bring organisations together and, based on the needs of patients, family carers and care providers, shape networked care and 'the right care in the right place'.

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With a consortium of 17 European healthcare organisations and research institutions, we are investigating how cancer patients and their practitioners can be supported in making complex treatment choices using the Metro Mapping method.

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