A pleasant and safe care environment

We are influenced by our surroundings or healthcare environments although we are not always aware of it. The context we find ourselves in consists of the physical surroundings and the social setting. This context influences our feeling, our actions and the choices we make and thus the course of the care process.

In the development of new care surroundings, processes and services we apply contextual design. The aim of the care organisation is paramount in this. The aim can be the well-being and support of the patient. For that reason we create contexts which meet their needs and facilitate a pleasant contact with health carers. The aim can also be to support health carers so that they can (co)operate in a pleasant and safe way.

Contextual design projects

Designprocess Contextual design

Panton shapes the care context and healthcare environments according to the desired experience, feelings and behaviour in both patients and carers. These form the basis for the development of the concepts which evoke the desired feelings and behaviour. We develop the means and support in the realisation.

Panton_Service design_ SEH Martini
Panton Service Design Marini SEH

Development in cooperation with doctors and patients

In all our development projects we closely cooperate with care professionals and/or patients. Therefore we are able to gain relevant insight in an early phase by means of interviews and observations and the application of several co-design methodologies. With mock-ups and proof-of-principles we test the most critical working principles in specific care surroundings.

Panton Contextual design

In later stages of the development process verification and validation tests are done on location by means of prototypes. By cooperation in an early stage of development and frequent testing with the users, well-founded choices are made, and support is created.

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