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New techniques in treatment and changing needs in patients and care professionals offer opportunities for innovative solutions. Panton develops innovative products which contribute to health; medical appliances which make new forms of treatment possible, or products which enable patients to work on their own health.

We develop successful and useful products that are fully approved of by care professionals, patients and other users. This is achieved by involving users during the entire development process.

Product design projects

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From Vision to Realisation

We support our clients in the several phases of the development process, the definition of the approach and the development of the product. Every project is customised. In the early development stages we contribute to the drafting of a project vision and the user requirements. We develop concepts and take care of the industrial design and the technical realisation. In further development stages we support the monitoring of the production, verification and validation of the product. We cooperate with several partners in the development of electronics, software, production and assembling.

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Development in cooperation with doctors and patients

In all our development projects we closely cooperate with care professionals and patients. By means of interviews and observations and the application of co-design methodology we gain a relevant insight. Early in the design process we test the most critical operation principles and the usability by means of mock-ups and proof-of-principles. In later phases of the development process we build prototypes for verification and validation tests. By early cooperation with future users, which continues during the development process, and by continual testing well-founded choices are made and development costs can be saved.

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Experience in medical product development

The development of medical tools and appliances requires special knowledge on legal rules and regulations. We are happy to share our knowledge on these subjects. In order to be able to help answering questions from organisations like: “Is the product we are developing a medical aid/appliance?” and: “In which category falls my medical tool/appliance?” Panton developed the CE tool, a quite accessible online tool to help companies on their way regarding the legal rules and regulations on medical aids/appliances.

Apart from knowledge on CE MDD and the new CE MDR Panton’s designers also have a wide experience on the application of the major standards which apply for medical product development, a.o. ISO 14971 Risk Management, IEC 62366 Usability Engineering and IEC-60601 Medical Electrical Equipment.

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