Services tailored to patient and healthcarer

Health care contains many moments of contact between patient and carer. Health organisations often try to find ways to improve these contact moments and to offer better service. Good services connects the needs, interests and expectations of patients with an efficient and effective care process.

Panton uses service design to (re-)design contact moments, so that congruent, supportive services are generated.

Service design projects

Designprocess Service design

We discern 4 main phases in the service design process. On basis of this process we draw up a project-specific way of action. We support our clients in exploring and defining their vision on the new services. On basis of the vision we develop several service concepts. The selected service design concept is the basis of the design of the new services and fits into the organisation, and its supporting facilities (a.o the building, information carriers, tools, ICT). In the last phase the new services are implemented, secured and optimalised in the care process.

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Service design On Stage

The care process of the patient: 'On stage'

Patients expect more and better services in the field of hospitality and quality of treatment; also where choices of treatment are concerned.

Patients may have to deal with (many) different healthcare professionals from different disciplines and organisations. Because of technological developments the moments of contact are no longer only physical, but more and more online. It is a challenge for patients to keep track of everything.

Panton helps care organisations to design care processes in such a way that these meet the needs and demands of their patients.


The care process in the background: ‘Back stage’

For the development of good services ‘On stage’ it is essential to have fathomed ‘Back stage’ what work process is needed. Next in the service design process we explore possible improvements and help with the development and implementation of these improvements.

Panton shapes processes in which health carers are able to cooperate in a pleasant, safe and efficient way and thus give the best care to their patients

Development in cooperation with doctors and patients

In all our service design projects we closely cooperate with care professionals and patients. By means of interviews and observations and the application of co-design methodology we gain a relevant insight. Early in the design process we test the most critical interactions by means of mock-ups and proof-of-principles.

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