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We design innovative user-friendly products that contribute to people's health.

Technological developments and changing needs among patients and healthcare professionals provide opportunities for new solutions. We develop innovative user-friendly products that contribute to people's health, such as medical devices that enable new treatments and products that enable patients to work on their own health. We develop successful and meaningful products that are embraced by healthcare professionals, patients and other users.

Our product designers are happy to help you with:

  • Usage study
  • Concept development
  • Design and engineering
  • Prototyping and mockups
  • Usability engineering
  • Verification and validation testing
  • Production guidance
  • Documentation for the CE file

Product design projects


A revolutionary way of patient respiration

ManuMax treatment couches

Versatile treatment couches with a unique design


Manage your asthma like a real ninja


Self-monitoring COPD


Patient-friendly anaesthesia of the upper airways

Development FFP2 mask

Developing a safe mouth nose mask for care in 4 week

The speeltuinbende

Every child should be able to play in the playground

NuvaRing Applicator

Comfortable and hygienic insertion of the NuvaRing


Encouraging hydration for a healthy lifestyle

We design healthcare

Our approach

We support our customers in all phases of the development process with product development and project management. In the early development stages, we contribute to drawing up the project vision and user requirements. We develop and test concepts and we provide the industrial design, including styling and mechanical elaboration. In the later development phases, we contribute to the supervision of production and verification and validation of the product. Here, we work with various partnerson the development of electronics, software, production and the assembling.

Developing with healthcare professionals and patients

In all our developments, we work closely with healthcare professionals and patients. Through interviews and observations and the application of various co-design methodologies, we gain relevant insights. With mock-ups and proof-of-principles, we test the most critical working principles and usability early in the design process. In later phases of the development process, we build prototypes to carry out verification and validation tests. By cooperating and frequently testing with users from the start and during development, choices are made on a sound basis and development costs can be saved.

Experience in medical product development

Medical device development requires specific knowledge about laws and regulations. We are happy to share the knowledge we have on this subject. We help organisations with answers to questions such as "Is the product we are developing a medical device?" and "In which class does my medical device fall?". Panton developed the CE tool, an accessible online tool to help companies navigate their way through the laws and regulations governing medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

In addition to knowledge on CE MDR, Panton's designers also have extensive experience in applying the main standards applicable to medical product development including ISO 14971 Risk Management, IEC 62366 Usability Engineering and IEC-60601 Medical Electrical Equipment.

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