Designers for healthcare

About us

Our creative team consists of passionate designers who have chosen to specialise in health & care. Meet our team:

Joris Swaak

Service & Social Designer

Jasper Brands

Design Strategist & Director

Céline Joosten

Service Designer & Usability Engineer

Thamar Verhaar

Service & Product Designer

Ruben Peters

Design Engineer

Rosanne Andriessen

Service & UX Designer

Yvonne Breedveld

Office & Finance Manager

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Mario de Zeeuw

Product Developer & Director

Ben Bokkers

Design Engineer

Beatrijs Van Hoof

Product & UX Designer

Juliëtte Gerards

Graphic & UX Designer

Ingeborg Griffioen

26 april 1971 – 13 april 2022

Founder of Panton

In Memoriam

Ingeborg Griffioen

26 april 1971 – 13 april 2022

In Memoriam