Deventer Hospital considers it important that its services match the needs of its patients and visitors. She also wants to establish a strong and personal connection online. Here you can read how Panton has developed the desired online user experience for the new website of the Deventer Hospital.

We developed an online vision for the hospital and realized the structure and interaction design for the website. We worked together with the Deventer Hospital, their communication team, and other stakeholders in the hospital.

Morskieft Ontwerpers realized the graphic design and Robuust built the site. Below you can read how the vision resulted in the design of the website, how we involved end-users in a co-creative design process, and which design tools were used.

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The Deventer Hospital website was designed based on the following principles and thereby distinguishes itself in user-friendliness and user experience.

Personal and relevant information

The user is presented with personal and relevant information depending on when the website is visited and which search term is used. The images were made especially for the Deventer Hospital and show people in their daily lives.

Share experiences

By showing experiences of and with other patients, the website shows that the hospital shares its care. By connecting to the insights of GPs and informal caregivers, communication becomes open and inviting. These experience stories always match the searched site content.

Inspire with innovations

On a showcase page, the hospital shows the developments it is working on and which projects it already completed. It shows her enthusiasm in medical, technical, procedural, and social areas.

Designtool: personas

Personas have been created with employees of Deventer Hospital, patient representatives, and cooperation partners. Together with the geographical data of research agency Motivaction, a representative image was developed of the visitors of the hospital.

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Designtool: patient journeys

For the different personas, patient journeys were created based on the slogan ‘Your Deventer Hospital Online’.

By deploying the patient journeys, the needs of the personas were mapped, which resulted in online services the hospital should provide. For example, principles for online services were determined: What should the website provide in particular? And how can it make a difference for the patients?


Designtool: card sorting

Based on the patient needs, we developed the concept, the site structure, and the interaction design. In a ‘card sorting’ session we organized and clustered the information and elements of the website. Choices were always made by looking from the perspective of the different personas.

Designtool: wireframes

Finally, we made the wireframe design. These wireframes were the blueprint for the graphic design and technical development of the new website. Curious about the result? Take a look at

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