Interior layout of an emergency intervention room

In the intervention room, the cardiologist and his team work with complex medical equipment. The placement of this equipment in the room has a major influence on the work processes and lines of sight in the room.

In ErasmusMC, a large medical centre in the Netherlands, the wish was to set up an emergency intervention room with an entrance for the elective patients and a separate entrance for patients who are rushed into the hospital. Panton was asked to make a design for the placement of the equipment in the intervention room.

Interventiekamer positie haaks
Interventiekamer positie parallel

Involving the end user

A multidisciplinary team works within the intervention room. Interviews and conversations with all members of this team plus those responsible for the technical systems and safety have resulted in two possible configurations of the equipment in the room.

Life-size mock-up

Because the actual impact and workability of the setups cannot be judged from drawings, the intervention room was built in real size. Together with the multidisciplinary team, the setups were tested by performing different scenarios. The preferred solution of the team was optimized based on the findings of these tests.

Our design served as a basis for the contractor and architect to finalize the design of the intervention room.

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