MSD (formerly Organon) is a worldwide producer of medication and medical tools. Panton developed the NuvaRing applicator for MSD. The applicator guarantees a hygienic and comfortable way of inserting of the NuvaRing.

NuvaRing is a contraception device in the form of a small flexible ring which is inserted into the vagina to stay there for 3 weeks. The great advantage of NuvaRing compared to contraception pills is the fact that you don’t have to take a pill daily.

Werkingsprincipe NuvaRing Applicator Schetsen


First there has been research among women in several countries about their attitude towards insertion of the NuvaRing by means of an applicator.

The correct placing and the perception when applying the device turned out to be quite important for the development of the tool. The improvement of comfort during use and the hygienic placing of the NuvaRing were mentioned by many women.

Design concept

With these considerations in mind various concepts were developed and tested. Tangible prototypes evoke true reactions, so we designed various models and printed them in 3D. In that way we learned how the women experienced the different types.

We did usability research in several countries, with various prototypes. The results of these tests yielded valuable input for further improvement of the applicator.

Detailing and prototyping

In cooperation with a local manufacturer a pre-production mould was made. In this way we could define accurately the composition and blend of the synthetic material. By means of extensive mechanical tests the parts were optimalised for assembling and usage. In user tests the design was tested as well as for technical functionality as user friendliness and comfort.


In the final development phase Panton supported MSD in the search for a producer, developing the mould construction and the assembly line of the applicator, and validating the production process. Subsequently, Panton designed the packaging and also provided a concept for the packaging process.

CE certification

The applicator is defined as a medical product according to the CE Medical Device Directive and FDA regulation. During the design process, all considerations and choices were documented based on the MSD quality management system. In 2016, the NuvaRing Applicator was launched on the market.

As of 2021, the NuvaRing applicator has limited availability. The reason for this is unkown to us. Please contact your family doctor or pharmacy regarding questions about the NuvaRing applicator and where it can be obtained.

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