The Zaans Medisch Centrum got a a completely new building as well as new website in 2017. Together with the online strategists of Present Media and the developers of Netbasics, Panton was given the opportunity to give form to this website. Like the new building, the website was to radiate ‘welcome’. People should immediately and intuitively know where to go, just suited to the Zaans identity.

Panton_Interaction design_ZMC_Persona's


There’s no need to say user are of central importance. But how to ensure that the user’s demands are heard? How do they get a voice on the website? During one whole day we collected these wishes. Participants included patients or/and their representatives, care profesionals, facility employees and chain partners. Results from our research into the patient population and the users session led to a number of seven different personas, representing the various target groups. These personas helped making the right choices in form, contents and interaction.

Top tasks

The old website of the Zaans Medisch Centrum contained much information. But often the information was difficult to find and users did not know where to look for it. For that reason we mapped the top tasks. Top tasks are the tasks users visit the website once or several times for. On the basis of interviews we discovered for what reasons the various users use the website. So we drew up top task lists for patients as well as visitors.

Panton_Interaction Design_ZMC
Panton_ Interaction design_ ZMC

From wireframes to visual design

As a basis for the interaction design Panton constructed wireframes. With these wireframes the ZMC got a good insight into the build-up and functioning of the website on the different devices, from desktop and tablet to mobile phone. We translated the wireframes into a visual design following the new design guidelines developed by designstudio Silo.

Panton_Interaction design_Wireframes_Responsive

Best online reputation

As a proof of appreciation for the quality of the great job that was done, the ZMC was nominated by Marketingfacts in the top 3 hospitals with the best online reputation. Please read more about the research into online reputation of hospitals on the website of Marketingfacts.

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