When you’ve got hay fever you may suffer from red and itchy eyes, a runny nose, continual sneezing or even tightness of the chest. Fortunately hay fever can be cured. The AllerGoGo app is a practical aid. It was developed by the Deventer ziekenhuis, Panton and the Appbakkers especially for the use of children with hay fever.


Interactive solution for hay fever

The app helps children to get an insight into the course of their complaints and their use of medication. Not by filling in a ‘dull’ diary, but in a playful way. Patients choose a funny figure, Allergotschi, or a selfie just like in Snapchat. With the help of allergotschi or the selfie the complaints are recorded as well as the medication use. The app shows in an overview how the hay fever developes during the season. Useful information which can be discussed with the doctor. The AllerGoGo app also contains useful tips to prevent the hay fever getting worse.

Developed for and together with children

The development of AllerGoGo is a good example of co-creation.

Its idea arose in care professionals who are in daily contact with small patients. But the parents and their children had also a leading role in the app’s creation. In an early stage the childen were involved in the development process.

Gebruikerstesten AllerGoGo

“Through the app and the allergotchi which they are responsible for themselves, they learn to take their medication timely”

Veronique van Hoogmoed, innovation coordinator Deventer Ziekenhuis

Do you (h)app(en) to have the best idea for your DZ? (Deventer Hospital)

The development of the Allergogo app is the result of the competition  “Do you (h)app(en) to have the best idea for your DZ?” , held by Deventer Ziekenhuis early 2017 among its employees. AllerGoGo was selected from as many as 47 entries.

Panton supported Deventer Ziekenhuis in the selection process. 10 Selected candidates were monitored by Panton as they were working out their app ideas. The workshops took place in Panton’s Creative Lab.

(H)app jij het beste idee voor jouw DZ?
App-idee workshop

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