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Day centre Martini Hospital

Creating value for the patient

The Martini Hospital in Groningen is one of the leaders in the field when it comes to implementing Value Based Healthcare. From this view-point value creation for the patient was central in the development of the new Day Centre. Using the service design approach, Panton contributed to shaping the services and care environment of the Day Centre.

The patient journey

We envisioned the treatment trajectory of the Martini Hospital patient as a journey through the future Day Centre.

At each step of the journey, we asked ourselves: 'How can we create value for the patient at this point in time?'

Value creation for the day centre

Patients come to the Day Centre for minor surgery. Currently, the alleviation of a patient's medical complaint is the main value created at the Day Centre.

However, the journey that a patient usually makes for a surgical procedure has a great deal of moments involving travelling, waiting, answering questions, ambiguity and uncertainty. All these moments have impact on the patient's well-being and thus on the quality of treatment. Therefore, it is important to design the entire treatment process from the patient's perspective. The patient journey was developed in close cooperation with specialists, healthcare professionals and the management team.

Personal space for the patient

Characteristic of the journey is the personal space and approach. Each patient is assigned a private area and a nurse who accompanies him or her throughout the journey. In the private area, the patient is welcomed, prepares himself, gets dressed, rests and recovers. The patient is taken to the treatment room or OR in a mobile operating chair. The patient spends most of his trip in his own private area. This is comfortable and reduces uncertainty. It is also pleasant for the accompanying family member. They can stay with their loved one. During the intervention, the accompanying person can spend time in the private area.

Service design

Using our service design approach, we developed, together with the Martini Hospital, a service with added value for both the client and the organisation.

The service design concept forms the basis for the services, organisation, layout and facilities at the Day Centre.

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