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A revolutionary way of patient respiration

Evone makes a revolutionary way of artificial respiration possible. The respirator makes it possible to ventilate patients through a lumen of only 4.4 mm in diameter. It is suitable for IC ventilation or for interventions in and around the airways with the purpose of allowing the surgeon extra working space. Panton realised the development of Evone together with Ventinova and Unitron Group.

With Evone it is possible to fully control the inhaled and exhaled air during the ventilation of a patient. Here, the inhalation and exhalation are actively supported by blowing the ventilation gases into the lungs and sucking them out again.

Development process

Earlier Panton developed Ventrain with Ventinova. Ventrain is the first and smallest emergency ventilation device in the world.

Panton was also closely involved with the development of Evone. In this project we provided the industrial and mechanical design of the ventilation appliance and also the graphic user interface. Panton also developed the plastic disposable ‘cartridge’.

Disposable design

One of the major points of focus in the design process was the development of the disposable ‘cartridge’. This complexly formed plastic product turns the in-going stream of air into an outgoing stream, by which the active inhalation and exhalation is realised. During the development process the functions have been tested frequently and optimised with the aid of several rapid prototyping techniques.

User interface design

By the new ventilation technique it is possible to check both the in- and exhalated air. Therefore a different way of operation of the equipment is required. In cooperation with anesthesiologists the graphic user interface was developed for Evone. Special and detailed attention was paid to the creation of a logical user flow of the different screens. Also, all adjustable variables and measurements are positioned on the screen in recognisable groups. Thus operation will be quick and safe in emergency conditions.

CE certification

Evone is CE certified and available on the market since august 2017. Initial indications show that the ventilation technique of Evone could result in fewer pulmonary complications associated with artificial ventilation of patients. Further confirmatory research is carried out at the moment.

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