The Hatobito app was especially developed for runners who want to learn how to train in a safe, sustainable and efficient way. Hatobito teaches you how to listen to the signals of your body. By measuring your heartbeat(zones) you can personalise your training.

As a member of a multidisciplinary  team Panton was responsible for the development of the functional design of the app, the user flow and the design of the user face. We were also actively involved in the project communication, the technical development and the monitoring of the user tests.


Your heart, your compass

Your heart as a compass; there is no better indicator for the physical condition of your body than the reaction of your heart to exercise.  Hatobito helps runners to understand  heartbeat data better and to translate them into training. Besides, Hatobito induces runners as well as coaches  to train consciously and to be monitored on basis of the heartbeat.

Between 25 and 33% of  beginning runners get injured in their first year in such a way that they are not able to run for at least a week. These injuries are usually the result of lack of training knowledge. Many runners train too hard, too recklessly and too intensively.


By training on basis of heartbeat data runners can learn to train safely and sustainably. Hatobito makes heartbeat data understandable for runners and their coachs. In this way they are able to realise training targets together.

Co-creation was key!

Together with Running 2020, BBO, several top athletes and coaches among whom Gerard Nijboer and Gert-Jan Wassink, Panton  ran through a co-creation process. First we developed personalities (personas) of several types of runners and coaches. Then we defined the various functionalities of the app and combined them in a user flow. This was systematically tested by several experts in the world of athletics.


Full  speed to a minimal, viable product

The entire team  outlined the future contours of the Hatobito app. Next, we decided the program of requirements for the minimal, viable product, the MVP.

In several Agile sprints of 4 weeks, the first version of the app was developed, together with the ‘Appbakkers’ . In March, 2018 it was ready to be tested.

On the running track

In March and April, 2018 the app was tested in practice.  20 athletes, divided into two teams participated. Coaches Gert-Jan Wassink, Gerard Nijboer and Fred van Mook supported the teams when they did a Zoladz Test with the Hatobito app.  The app was hailed with enthusiasm. Never before the execution of this test -which was developed to evaluate the fitness of the athletes – was so simple! On basis of the results which could be regarded and shared immediately, the coaches were able to give optimal support to their runners.


All set!

In April 2018 the first version of the app was released in the app-store.  At present we are all set for the further development of Hatobito. It is also researched whether Hatobito can support reconvalescing patients after heart failure.

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