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ManuMax treatment couches

Versatile treatment couches with a unique design

The ManuMax is the new series of treatment couches by Enraf-Nonius. The treatment couches are distinguished by their unique design and technical properties. Panton created a contemporary design and worked with the R&D team of Enraf-Nonius on the design of the ManuMax series.

The sturdy frame is designed to create the most stable treatment surface and can be adjusted in many positions. All ManuMax tables have a safe working load of 250 kilograms and a remarkably rigid construction. In addition, the treatment couches are characterized by the 3D curved headrest that is very comfortable and easy to clean.

Various versions

The frames of the ManuMax benches are available in two different shades of grey. And the upholstery can be supplied in a variety of colours so that the design can match the interior of any practice.

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