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Martini A&E

Martini A&E

The Martini Hospital saw a sharp rise in the number of patients using the Emergency Department (ED), especially after the GP outpatient clinic was attached to the ED. To be able to help more patients in a better way, the Casualty of the Martini Hospital was rebuilt. Panton was asked to assess the structural design of the Casualty with employees.

In A&E care professionals from various disciplines work closely together to provide good health care. An efficient layout of A&E is vital in order to secure optimal cooperation and to help patients in a quick and comfortable way.

Structure design

Panton was asked to evaluate the structure design of A&E. Together with the members of the A&E staff we tested the structure design according to scenarios, and thus were able to define the bottlenecks. After having established the main structure of the department Panton developed the structure design of the surgeries and the control area.

Treatment rooms and control post

Together with the A&E staff members an optimal layout was created for the treatment room and the control post. By means of observations and interviews the basics were formulated for a layout which offers optimal support for the health team and a safe and comfortable place for patients.

Ideas for the treatment rooms were materialised in maps. These maps were evaluated by all members of staff and optimised by means of a magnetic whiteboard.

Mock-up treatment rooms

The best solutions were then tested with mock-ups. As a result the layout is optimally adapted to the care process and the available space is used most efficiently. In emergency situations care personnel can act quickly and safely.

Mock-up control post

The control post was completely recreated with a mock-up. Two layouts were tested. By simulating scenarios in an mock-up both designers and staff gained insight into an optimal functioning of the area. The results constitute the input for the architect to create the final design.

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