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Self-monitoring COPD

Developments in AI and self-learning technology offer chronically ill patients the ability to monitor themselves. Home monitoring apps can, with the help of self-measurements and smart algorithms, give patients insight into their individual baseline values and identify abnormal values.

A home monitoring app is only of value when the end-user is able to understand it and work with it effectively. We helped the team at MonitAir develop a user-friendly app.

MonitAir offers a smart solution for patients with COPD. Based on weekly self-tests provided in the MonitAir kit, the app is able to predict the likelihood of a lung attack and able to provide advice.

COPD gebruiker met Monitair in gebruik

We designed a new user experience for the product and redesigned the user interface of the MonitAir app. We also created animated instructions for patients and care providers. Furthermore, we designed short user instructions included in the MonitAir kit.

Everything was aimed at increasing the user-friendliness and ensuring that the user could work with the product autonomously.

Design approach

We started with a review of the existing app based on our knowledge of the patient group and the healthcare system. We used principles from the behavioural sciences in the review of the app.

Together with the MonitAir team, we developed a new usability flow. This shows step by step the desired use of the app. From ordering and receiving the MonitAir kit; the set-up period in which the app determines the patient's baseline values; to daily use in which the app predicts lung attacks and gives advice. Based on this user flow, we redesigned the user interface and all instructional materials.


The new app takes the user by the hand. The short instruction helps the user with unboxing the kit, independently installing the app and to get started.

In the app, the user first gets an overview of the different phases of use. In this overview, the user is always able to see in which phase they are.

At the right moment, animated instructions are shown on how to perform measurements or how to follow the advice.

Clear instructions

To perform a self-test, different measurements are needed. The user learns how to perform them correctly through animations in the app. This is useful when taking the measurements for the first time, but also to check if you are doing it correctly at a later time. We also created an animation for healthcare professionals to help patients get started.

Clear advice

With a clear result and clear advice, the user can constantly take the right actions to prevent the negative consequences of a lung attack as much as possible!

From smart technology to value for the end user

With our design approach, we helped the MonitAir team to create a new user experience.

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