Rules to prevent infection

To guarantee the safety of the patient and the (nursing)staff in a demanding environment strict rules are kept. These rules are necessary to prevent contagion. Panton developed tools for the Vereniging Veilige Curative Zorg ( VVCZ – Association for Safe Curative Care). These tools clarify the applicable rules and help staff members  comply with them.

Panton Contextual design Infectiepreventie

Creating clarity

In the OR units zones have been defined where different infection prevention rules apply. The rules differ per zone and per situation. In order to help visitors and medical staff to work safely according to these rules we developed various tools. These tools show clearly which rules and regulations are valid in which zone and protective means are offered where needed.

Panton Contextual design Infectiepreventie
Panton Contextual design Infectiepreventie
Panton Contextual design Infectiepreventie

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