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Patient-friendly anaesthesia of the upper airways

Medspray Anesthesia's Trachospray is a disposable microdroplet sprayer for administering local anesthesia to the upper respiratory tract and throat. This anaesthetic is often used in preparation for a bronchoscopy or gastroenteroscopy.

With the current anaesthetic methods, the doctor or nurse usually injects into the patient's oral cavity and throat with a syringe pump. This is an unpleasant procedure for the patient. Moreover, it is difficult for the healthcare provider to apply the anaesthetic evenly.

The 'fine mist' spray technology of Medspray Anesthesia makes anaesthesia more user-friendly for the healthcare provider and more comfortable for the patient.

Panton contributed to this by optimizing the product design for ease of use and design, together with Medspray Anesthesia. In order to do this properly, the core values of Trachospray were mapped out during a design identity session at the beginning of the project: comfort, ease of use and perfect control.

These values were then incorporated into both the product design and the graphic design, including the logo, the packaging and the animation.

Product design

In addition to ease of use and comfort, cost and simple assembly were important for the product design.

The disposable consists of 2 parts: the holder and the mouthpiece. To offer more grip during use, a larger grip surface has been added to the holder. By making this surface more recessed, it also creates enough room for the snap-fingers of the mouthpiece.

This has improved both assembly and use.

Patient comfort

The Trachospray has a 'fine mist' spray technology that converts the anaesthetic into microdroplets. The doctor or nurse determines the dose of the local anaesthetic and connects it to the Trachospray. The mouthpiece ensures controlled delivery of the microdrops into the patient's mouth and throat and provides an even anaesthetic. The patient thus breathes in the anaesthetic, as it were, through the mouthpiece, making the procedure much more comfortable for the patient.


Together with Medspray Anesthesia Panton developed an animation of the Trachospray. The purpose of this animation is to show in a clear, appealing way the working of the product and the advantages for doctor and patient.

Graphic design

Panton also designed the logo, the packaging and the instructions for use. The developed core values comfort, ease of use and perfect control formed the basis here as well.

Further information on Trachospray can be found here.

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