Self-monitoring COPD

Visuals in COVID-19 care

For patient and professional

Parent & Child Centre WZA

Letting children explore and relax

Medical Metrolines COVID-19

Co-design in Corona Hectic


Patient-friendly anaesthesia of the upper airways

Panton develops FFP2 mask

Developing a safe mouth nose mask for care in 4 weeks

Deventer Ziekenhuis website

Human centered, open and passionate

MRI Ablation Center, Mock-up

Mock-up in Haga Hospital

Beter Gezond

A healthier lifestyle in 30 days

Bring movement into your day

A toolkit to get moving

Copilot app for COPD

Recognise your body's signals


In control of hay fever through an app


In use for ventilation of corona patients

Martini A&E

A safe environment to work together

Zaans Medisch Centrum online

Giving a good feeling


Every child should be able to play in the playground


The app which teaches you how to listen to your heart

Tools to prevent infections

Clarity and availability in the right place

NuvaRing Applicator

Comfortable and hygienic insertion of the NuvaRing

Isala Apps

Recognisable apps for patients and healthcare professionals

WKZ Hotfloor

Service design for family-oriented care


Manage your asthma like a real ninja

Medical Metroline

Clarifying complex processes in healthcare


Encouraging hydration for a healthy lifestyle

Day centre Martini Hospital

Creating value for the patient

Intervention room

Design of an emergency intervention room for ErasmusMC