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Wellbeing and lifestyle change

Working for change in tomorrow's society starts now. Together, we create impactful solutions that contribute to society, lifestyle and well-being.

The social challenges of today and the future require a broader view of health. Personal well-being, a healthy lifestyle and prevention are becoming increasingly important in this. It demands change from healthcare organisations and organisations active in the social domain. We help your organisation shape these changes by designing tools that contribute to health, happiness and well-being.

Well-being and healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and mental health are key to preventing illness. In recent years, the focus on a healthy lifestyle has increased significantly. That said, it can be difficult to learn and maintain new healthy habits. Well-designed tools can help. We design solutions and tools to promote healthy behaviour and mental health at home, at school and at work.

Whether you feel good about yourself strongly determines how you function in society. With GeluksBv, we are developing a teaching programme for the special education sector in which happiness and well-being are made part of daily teaching.

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Living with a chronic illness

The number of people with chronic conditions is rising. New technology can offer support in dealing with a chronic condition in daily life. We develop the (digital) solutions that support elderly and chronically ill people in the challenges of their daily lives.

Together with MonitAir, we developed a smart app for patients with COPD. Based on weekly self-tests, the app can predict the likelihood of a lung attack and offer advice.

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Societal challenges

Livability in neighbourhoods is receiving increasing attention. Social organisations and the government are committed to reducing health inequalities and promoting equal opportunities. With our design thinking approach, we help realise this. This can be at national level, at community level or for specific target groups.

With our design thinking approach, we help the Ajax Foundation increase the impact of their initiatives and programmes for vulnerable children and young people on social security and healthy lifestyles.

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