Designers for healthcare

Healthcare technology for patient and professional

Developing new healthcare technology requires the right expertise. Our product and UX designers create solutions that make a meaningful difference for patients and healthcare professionals.

Technological developments enable new treatments, allow care to be moved to the home, or give people insight into their health and behaviour. Technology must be easy to use. Above all, it must be meaningful. Our designs are embraced by patients and healthcare providers. Our strength is that we design both the new product and the corresponding care process.

Wearables en Apps

Wearables and apps

Monitoring bodily functions gives patients and their loved ones more insight into their health or the effectiveness of treatment. Appropriate feedback based on measurement data supports behaviour change. We design wearables and apps that help people cope with the challenges in their health. We also design the new care process in which the wearables or apps will be used.

The Asthmaware shirt worn by children at night should give parents and doctors insight into the effectiveness of asthma treatment.

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Specialised medical products

High demands are placed on medical products. The technology must be reliable, safe and easy to use. Medical products must add something to the care process and must be cost-effective. We design from these focus areas. We have the expertise to develop products that comply with applicable medical regulations, including the CE MDR.

Evone is a revolutionary ventilator that allows patients to be ventilated through a lumen only 4.4 mm in diameter.

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Digital healthcare applications

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are enabling new applications in healthcare. With the use of smart sensors, data is becoming more readily available. To help healthcare professionals and patients make the right choices, measurement data must be clear and easy to read. Our UX designers design user-friendly interfaces for apps and healthcare applications, taking into account the needs and capabilities of patients and healthcare professionals.

With Microsoft Benelux, we investigated how Microsoft applications can be better deployed in European hospitals and what opportunities there are for developing new services.

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